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Discovering Inaccuracies: 

When WE find inaccurate or incomplete information according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act on your credit report WE dispute. Disputing consists of furnishing letters on your behalf requesting these inaccuracies are removed. Mailing disputes have a 97% chance of removals than online disputing.  The credit bureau will then contact the data furnisher creditor to confirm whether the information is correct and if not, the removal takes place.

The results:

Increased Credit Scores ☑️

Deletions of negative accounts ☑️

Removal of outdated information ☑️

Removals and closed accounts:

Transunion, Experian, and Equifax all HAVE to correct or remove!

Thirty calendar days is the minimum before dispute letters are REGENERATED and submitted again, to give YOU the BEST results possible‼️

Bankruptcies and Medical bills must be disputed accurately and efficiently for desired results. Dispute letters are usually rendered multiple times for the removal of these accounts. 

*The legal statute of Bankruptcy that remains on your credit report is no less than 7 years.

**A MINIMUM of 90 days for full ReVamp’D credit is required‼️

Protecting your progress:

A security freeze or suppression letter will be submitted on your behalf, upon request to better manage your credit reports results. The privacy of your credit history/report is vital. Inquiries will NEVER occur without you first lifting the freeze or providing the specific lender with a one-time PIN to access your credit report.

Maintaining your credit scores during and after credit repair is vitally important. Here are some of the things to 🚫 while actively receiving credit repair services:

❌Opening new banking accounts

❌Applying for a Personal loan

❌Applying for a Credit Card

❌Applying for an Auto loan

❌Applying for a Mortgage

❌Maxing out previously owned credit cards

❌Filing Bankruptcy

❌Cosigning for someone else


These actions will cause a hard or soft inquiry on your credit report. Soft inquiries have a minimum effect, while hard inquiries can cause your scores to decrease 🔻rapidly‼️

Finances ReVamp’D will assist you in learning more about your personal credit history and ReVamp your Credit‼️


**Guaranteed commitment to give you the best results POSSIBLE!! Results may vary.